TV Brand and Model: Changhong LED39C2080i Firmware Version: V1.0000160, Wireless Router: TP-link847N ISP: Mobile Broadband 6M
Prerequisites: The home must have a wireless router, and the wireless network has been configured. The TV must have a wireless network card. Of course, the prerequisite is that these devices are compatible and operating normally.

Nowadays, smart TVs have become very popular. Everyone's home broadband is basically home. 99.9% of users have already set up WLANs in their homes. Today we talk about how smart TVs at home are connected via WIFI and wireless routers.

Followed by my stepbystep for WIFI connection. If you look at the entire tutorial you still have problems. You can reply to the post, I will know all without saying anything. First, enter the smart TV's UI through the remote's house button, then you can enter the setting interface through the "tool box" on the remote control or the "toolbox" in the lower right corner of the UI interface.

After entering the setting interface, the remote controller selects the "network setting" option and presses OK to enter the network setting interface.

Network type, select "Wireless", then access wireless settings, automatically search for WIFI signals, and scan your own WIFI signal. Some people hide the SSID number (WIFI signal name) and cannot search for the signal. You can add WIFI only through the "Add wireless network manually" option. Select the wifi signal to which you need to connect and click OK. enter password. Here you can check "Password is visible", so that the password you enter is in plain text. You can check the password to prevent input errors and cannot connect to wifi. After connecting it. Select Network Settings -> Network Information to see if the TV has the correct IP address and other information.

Here you can also test whether the path from the TV to the router or from the TV to the Internet is connected through the network setup - network test.

All right. Pass the above settings and test after passing. You can enjoy watching videos online. No matter on demand, live broadcast. All are OK.


Q: Many people cannot get the address correctly after connecting to the router, or get an address and cannot access the Internet. How can things happen? WIFI connection is always Caton, or is it intermittent?

A: These problems are multi-faceted and can only be ruled out by themselves.

1. Whether the built-in or external wireless network adapter is incompatible with the TV or when the time is old, it is malfunctioning. Replace the corresponding accessories.

2. The router's wifi signal coverage is not wide enough, there are dead ends, or the wireless router's wireless bandwidth is too narrow. Now the mainstream is generally 150M300M450M (2.4G many routers already support 5G, but the wireless receiver also supports). Increase the router to increase the coverage, or replace the mainstream router. Wireless routers increase wireless signal strength and coverage settings

3. The environmental electromagnetic environment used by WIFI is more complicated and channel conflicts are too serious.
Change the environment or change the channel.

4. The router was switched off by others.

5. The router bought too bad. So that long-term use of poor heat or blocked by a large packet port. Replace the router is generally recommended that the price is greater than 150 yuan. Or configure the router. Limit the bandwidth per IP. Wireless router (tplink + Mercury) Internet access restrictions and IP bandwidth limitations.

6. The router has been used for too long. Used after power off.

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