A few days ago, Toshiba director and LED business director Sato Kawasaki pointed out that the original LED bulb market in Japan was estimated to be about 22 million in 2011. However, due to the popularization of LED lighting after the 311 earthquake, the sales volume of LED bulbs last year was revised to 31 million. One, 40% more than originally estimated.

Sato Gyoshi pointed out that in 2011, the monthly sales volume of Toshiba LED bulbs also increased significantly from 2.8 million in June to 4.8 million in December, and the annual growth rate has tripled.

Koto Sato pointed out that the Japanese government subsidizes energy-saving products and purchases at the consumer end, and vigorously promotes it from the central government to local governments. The Japanese LED lighting market is expected to continue to grow at a high level.

He stressed that with the increasing popularity of the traditional bulb market, the future LED lighting will be oriented towards the combination of construction and intelligent control and other high value-added development trends.

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