MAX7000S/AE, MAX3000A: 5v/3.3vEEPOM process PLD, the largest sales of ALTERA, has produced 50 million pieces, from 32 to 1024 macrocells. The MAX3000A is Altera's 99-year low-cost EEPOM process PLD from 99 to 512 macrocells in the same structure as the MAX7000.
5v 3.3v 3.3v 2.5v Macro unit Remarks
EPM7032S EPM7032AE EPM3032A EPM7032B 32
EPM7064S EPM7064AE EPM3064A EPM7064B 64
EPM7128S EPM7128AE EPM3128A EPM7128B 128
EPM7256S EPM7256AE EPM3256A EPM7256B 256
FLEX10KE/ACEX1K FLEX10KE is a 2.5vSRAM process PLD (FPGA) from 98, from 30,000 to 250,000 gates, mainly 10K30E, 10K50E, 10K100E, with embedded memory block (EAB). Earlier models and FLEX10K (5V) ), FLEX10KA (3.3v), 5v 10K and 3.3v 10KA have basically not been promoted. ACEX1K is a 2.5v low-priced SRAM process PLD (FPGA) introduced in 2000. It has a structure similar to 10KE, with embedded memory block (EAB), and some models have PLL, mainly 1K10, 1K30, 1K50, 1K100.
2.5v 2.5v Number of logical units (LE) Embedded RAM block Remarks
EP1K10 576 3 Each RAM block has a capacity of 4Kbit
EPF10K30E EP1K30 1728 6
EPF10K50E EP1K50 2880 10
EPF10K100E EP1K100 4992 12
FLEX6000 5v/3.3vSRAM process, lower price CPLD (FPGA), similar in structure to 10K, but without embedded memory block
5v 3.3v Number of logical units (LE) Remarks
EPF6010A 880
EPF6016 EPF6016A 1320
EPF6024 EPF6024A 1960

APEX20K Large-scale 2.5v/1.8v SRAM process CPLD (FPGA) introduced in 1999 with PLL, CAM, EAB, LVDS, from 30,000 to 1.5 million gates
2.5v 1.8v Number of logical units (LE) Embedded RAM block Remarks
EP20K60E 2560 16 Each RAM block has a capacity of 4Kbit
EP20K100 EP20K100E 4160 26
EP20K200 EP20K200E 8320 52
EP20K300E 11520 72
EP20K400 EP20K400E 16640 104
EP20K600E 24320 152
EP20K100E 38400 160
EP20K1500E 51840 216

APEXII APEX's next-generation high-density SRAM process FPGA, larger than APEX, supports LVDS, PLL, CAM for ultra-high-density design

1.5v Number of logical units (LE) Number of embedded RAM blocks Remarks
EP2A15 16640 104 Each RAM block has a capacity of 4Kbit
EP2A25 24320 623
EP2A40 38400 655
EP2A70 67200 1147
EP2A90 89280 1524

Excalibur integrates CPU's latest PLD/FPGA product Mercury's next-generation high-performance SRAM process FPGA, 8-layer copper wiring, I/O performance and system speed are greatly improved, I/O supports CDR (clock-data automatic recovery) Support DDR SDRAM interface, internal support for four-port memory, LVDS interface up to 1.25G, for high-performance high-speed system design, suitable for high-speed system interface.
1.5v Number of logical units (LE) Number of CDR channels Number of embedded RAM blocks Remarks
EP1M120 4800 8 12 Each RAM block has a capacity of 4Kbit
EP1M350 14400 18 28

Configuring EEPROM EEPROM for configuring SRAM process FPGA

model capacity Applicable models (please refer to the data sheet for details) Voltage Common package
EPC1441 (non-erasable) 441 Kbits 6K, 10K10-10K30, 1K10 3.3/5v automatic selection (can be set in the software) 8-pin DIP
EPC1 (non-erasable) 1M bits 10K30E/1K30, 10K/1K50, larger chips need multiple cascades 3.3/5v automatic selection (can be set in the software) 8-pin DIP
EPC2 (re-rewritable) 2M bits Below 10K/1K/20K100, larger chips require multiple chips 3.3/5v pin control (please refer to the data sheet) 20-pin PLCC
EPC8 (repeatable) 8M bits TQFP
EPC16 (re-rewritable) 16M bits 88-pin BGA

Hybrid PCB Assembly =  Hybrid Printed Circuit Board Assembly, which means the PCB Board need be mounted with SMT parts and THT parts. For such PCB Assembly job, SMT assembly will be done first, after checked well, then do THT assembly. Zhongfeng would manufacture the PCB boards follow the design file, source the components follow the BOM file and do the PCB assembly job follow the assembly drawing and the pick&place file. After PCB assembly done, the components would be mounted on the PCB boards tightly and connected each other through the copper circuits. We call such board as PCBA board or hybrid custom PCBA board.


Depends on the components assembly types, it have THT PCB assembly, SMT PCB Assembly , one sided SMT and THT PCB assembly, two sided SMT and THT PCB assembly.


Depends on the PCB type, it have Rigid PCB Assembly , Flex PCB Assembly and Flex-Rigid PCB Assembly.


Also we would call some PCB assembly types as Prototype PCB Assembly, Mass PCB Assembly , Turnkey PCB Assembly, LED PCB Assembly and BGA PCB Assembly , etc.


With our 15years professional experience, we are available for all types of PCB assembly service from prototype to mass production, available for 01005, 0201, 0.3mm BGA, 0.3mm QFP.

PCB Assembly Capabilities


1 pcs - 1,000,000 pcs

Assembly type

SMT, THT or Hybrid

Parts procurement

Full turnkey (ZhongFeng provide all components)

Partial turnkey ( Customer provide the main components and ZhongFeng provide the rest)

Kitted (Customer provide all components)

Component types

SMT 01005, 0201, BGA 0.3mm pitch, QFP 0.3mm pitch, etc.


Visual Inspection, AOI, Custom testing, ICT, FCT, Test jig

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