Affected by the sluggish demand for LED testing equipment and the decline in shipment of semiconductor probe cards, Wangsi announced December revenue of NT$203 million, a new low in 21 months, with an annual reduction of 42.68%; NT$745 million, a quarterly decrease of 25%, and accumulated 2011 annual revenue of 3.826 billion yuan, a decrease of 6.88%.

Wang Si said that in the fourth quarter, in addition to the global environmental impact of the semiconductor boom, which affects the shipment of probe cards, the LED industry is also in the shadow of oversupply. So far, there have been no signs of improvement, and even the payment of customers has been deferred. Happening.

According to Wangsi statistics, in 2011, probe card shipments reached 3.15 million units, which was the same as the previous year; LED inspection machines (including Prober and Sorter) shipped about 1,500 units, a significant reduction of 40% from 2,500 units in the previous year.

Looking forward to the first quarter of this year, Wang Silicon believes that after the Lunar New Year, the semiconductor industry will have the opportunity to replenish stocks. As for the market conditions of LEDs, it may not wait until after the second season. Overall, revenues in the first quarter will continue to fall, with an estimated 5-10% reduction.

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