The Spring Festival has always been a home appliance sales node. This morning, reporters learned from Suning, Gome and Dazhong Electric Appliance Stores that they will usher in the biggest sales promotion during the Spring Festival of 2012. The hot Apple iphone4s also become a magic weapon for competition.

High-end home appliances, energy-efficient appliances, and intelligent home appliances have become bright spots in sales. Sales of 3D color TVs and high-end ice-washing products have greatly increased since the New Year's Day, and 3G mobile phones and SLR cameras have become the first choice for many consumers.

Beijing Suning said that from now on, the top 100 manufacturers inside and outside the United Nations will set off a wave of all kinds of promotions for Spring Festival, and on the basis of guaranteeing supply of goods, Beijing Energy Saving Subsidy, New Year's Gift, Clearest Price, Special Products, No Shopping, and Tourism will be launched. Multiple service initiatives.

On the basis of large-scale price reductions, various home appliance stores also prepared multi-level super gifts and buy gifts.

In addition, iphone4s has also become a competitive weight, when the official store of the Yellow Bull and Apple for iphone4s battle is fierce, home appliance stores have missed the big sale. On Friday, Suning Appliance and GOME officially announced the sale of the iPhone4S, the hottest mobile phone product in 2012.

The reporter learned that within three days of the sale, Suning Appliance and Suning Tesco sold more than 50,000 iPhone4S units across the country, and Gome Electrical Appliances sold 9,000 units, selling an average of nearly 20,000 units per day.

Suning Appliance stated that it has already paid Apple's stocks in advance to ensure that the supply of goods during the Spring Festival meets the purchasing needs of consumers. Gome said that the first two batches of iPhone4S have been sold, but the third batch of nearly 10,000 units arrived on January 18 to various entity stores.

In addition, during the Spring Festival consumer groups in view of the needs of the New Year replacement, coupled with more relaxed economic capabilities, the purchase of high-end smart phones compared to usual will be greatly improved. It is predicted that during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the sales volume of the iPhone4S will surely have another explosive growth.

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