666GPS: Intelligent Monitoring Replaces Manual Dispatch At present, the scheduling management of vehicles by most companies is basically a static information processing method. That is, plans are made in advance and the drivers corresponding to the established routes are arranged. In the event of an emergency, they often cannot respond in time, causing unnecessary losses. This artificial scheduling method lags behind in time, and knows nothing about road conditions, driving positions, driver's operating conditions (whether it is illegal), vehicle operating status (accidents or failures), and affects the scientificity of scheduling. Efficiency, at the same time, consumes a lot of manpower.

The reporter learned that Xingwei Technology’s 666GPS brand recently signed an agreement with Guangdong Natural Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd. to develop a set of personalized vehicle dispatch management solutions for the first phase of its construction truck operation, aiming at the distribution of natural gas pipelines, and the location of inspection points. Remote, vehicles require 24-hour standby and other features, based on positioning and navigation services, provide intelligent and diverse vehicle information analysis report value-added features, including vehicle mileage statistics, traffic analysis, parking reports, accident records, violation records, speeding records, Time analysis of traffic jams, fuel consumption records, etc., statistical analysis of various driving status data, and real-time monitoring of vehicles throughout the day to achieve vehicle monitoring and scheduling, assessment of driver management purposes.

The natural gas pipeline network said that the introduction of GPS systems aims to make rational use of vehicles to ensure timely and orderly dispatch, followed by standardizing driver habits and enhancing vehicle safety.

By relying on scientific means to scientifically use vehicles, it is possible to improve the utilization of vehicles. GPS vehicle intelligent monitoring systems have solved similar problems. The system consists of three parts: GPS vehicle-mounted terminal equipment, communication network and monitoring center. The terminal collects current latitude, longitude, speed, fuel and other information in real time, transmits the information back to the monitoring center through the wireless network, and the center decodes the received raw data. , Combining with the GIS visual system, presented on an electronic map of a computer or mobile phone or in the form of a report. With the increasingly mature application of GPS technology and the development of related technologies, vehicle management systems using GPS monitoring have begun to enter the public view, and have become the first choice for many companies to solve various vehicle problems. In recent years, the country has continuously introduced policies related to this. Regulations, to a certain extent, regulate the development of the industry.

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