Undoubtedly, LED leads the lighting industry to the future. At the opening ceremony of the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, the beautiful and beautiful lighting, the stunning “world gate” and the star-studded stadiums are amazing, and ubiquitously embody the powerful vitality and beauty of LED technology . Prospects.

In order to welcome the convening of the Universiade and spread the concept of green and environmental protection to the world, in March 2011, as the Shenzhen streetlight management department, our unit publicly invited two LED lighting streetlight demonstration projects in the downtown area and the Science and Technology Park High-tech Zone to Shenzhen. A total of 2584 盏 high-pressure sodium lamps in two key areas of the city were replaced with LED street lamps of various powers such as 40W~180W.

As an emerging industry, the technology, technology and materials selection of various LED street lamp manufacturers are not uniform; the country also has no uniform production standards for LED street lamps. How to choose a suitable product?

In order to solve this problem, we compared the products of many manufacturers in the field in 2007 and 2008, and have done a lot of experiments and obtained a large amount of data. Therefore, when formulating the conditions for bidding, the words are ambiguous, strict, and targeted.

First, a comprehensive evaluation method is adopted on the evaluation method. The tender is composed of three parts: credit, business and technical, which respectively account for the weights of 0.1, 0.45 and 0.45, and avoids the bid for the company with low quality and low price.

Secondly, set reasonable technical parameters on the technical standard assessment project. The main aspects are as follows:

1, chip: chip light efficiency ≥ 100Lm / W, reference brands such as Corey and other four famous brands. According to the brand's brand awareness, model, light efficiency, average life, light decay and other indicators. The most important thing is to provide a chip manufacturer project authorization.

2, optical indicators and power factor: 1 overall lighting efficiency ≥ 75Lm / W, the higher the higher the score, the more color; 2 color temperature ≤ 6500K; 3 color rendering index ≥ 65; 4 power factor ≥ 0.92.

3, light distribution index: 1 maximum light intensity position: horizontal angle C = 10 ° -30 °, vertical angle γ = 50 ° -70 °; 2 half-peak beam angle: C0/180 plane ≥ 120 °, C90 / 270 plane ≥60°.

4, system light decay: the laboratory 2000 hours continuous light failure ≤ 2.7% or 3000 hours continuous light failure ≤ 3%.

5, electromagnetic compatibility: 1 radio disturbance characteristics meet the requirements of GB7000.5; 2 electromagnetic compatibility immunity meets the requirements of GB/T18595; 3 input harmonic current meets the requirements of GB17625.1.

In addition to the chip parameters, the above parameters must provide the test report of the authoritative testing center.

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