21ic News Holtek Semiconductor introduces HT82V863R's new generation of CCD surveillance camera processor, compared to the previous generation 80LQFP product HT82V862R, in a more compact 64LQFP package, in addition to the integration of the original high-precision CCD Timing (High-precision CCD Timing Generator), Digital Lock Loop (Digital Lock Loop), TV Encoder, Video D/A Converter, Video Amplifier, 1.8V Regulator (1.8) In addition to circuits such as V Regulator and low-voltage reset/power-on reset (LVR/POR), the new Image Signal Processor is available in Low-Luminance, Color, and Noise. In image processing, performance is better than HT82V862R. In addition, the HT82V863R provides digital WDR, Automatic Back Light Compensation and Digital Line-Lock for customers to use. In addition to the enhancement of image processing technology, the HT82V863R also incorporates an embedded microcontroller with One Time Programming (OTP) Read Only Memory (ROM) as the program memory of the microcontroller (Program) Memory) The Holtek HT82V863R is able to provide customers with customized and upgraded requirements.

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The HT82V863R is paired with Holtek's HT82V846 CCD Camera Analog Signal Processor and HT82V805A CCD Vertical Driver to become the Chipset of the CCD surveillance camera, and set the value and the vehicle line (Parking Line). And the OSD Menu is stored in an external HT24LCxx EEPROM. It supports SONY, SHARP and other NTSC/PAL inter-accompaniment CCD sensors (Interlace Ye/Mg/Cy/G Complementary Color Mosaic Filters CCD sensor). (Auto Exposure), Auto White Balance, Backlight Compensation, High Light Suppression and many other image processing functions, with gamma curve, mirror, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Color Gain, Color Gain, and many other adjustable functions via the built-in TV Encoder , Video D/A Converter and Video Amplifier, and finally video composite signal (Composite) Video Broadcast Signal) output. For applications such as IP Cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), customers can choose the 80LQFP HT82V863R with standard CCIR656 digital output, which can be directly matched with the Backend Processor to save costs.

In order to facilitate the adjustment of various settings, Holtek has prepared the development tools and computer software for the HT82V863R, allowing users to directly use the graphical computer software and the compact USB external board under the Windows® system. Dongle), directly adjust and set each parameter. In addition, Holtek also provides examples of setting values ​​and application circuits for each CCD sensor to shorten the development time of customers.

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