The global panel factory has lost money, but the Korean panel factory has deliberately increased the utilization rate. Corning, the global leader in glass substrate manufacturing, said that due to the tight supply of liquid crystal supply chain, Corning has revised the global glass market to 3.2 billion square meters, and expects Korean The panel factory will increase the utilization rate in Q4. The overall utilization rate of non-Korean panel plants is also expected to be better than Q3. It is expected that the production of Samsung Corning Precision Materials Q4 will increase by more than 20% in the quarter, indicating that the Korean panel factory will be in Q4. Regain lost market share.

Corning said that the display industry faced unusual market trends in 2011. Due to the tightening of the display supply chain in Q3, there is still a great demand for LCD TVs worldwide. Unlike the past industry chain demand, the LCD terminal products retail in 2011. Demand continues to outpace actual LCD glass demand, and terminal retail demand grows by about 13% annually.

Corning said that as the panel factory's utilization rate declines, it is expected that the liquid crystal overall supply chain will maintain 14 weeks of inventory after Q3, which will be the inventory level that has not been seen since the beginning of 2009. In the past industry practice, the supply chain inventory from the upstream components of the panel to the downstream LCD TV market was about 15-16 weeks. Now the inventory level has dropped to a new low point. In addition to the cautious attitude of manufacturers pulling goods, it also shows that the supply chain reaction efficiency is improved.

In addition, another key indicator for the Korean panel factory to increase the utilization rate is the difference between the shipment of Corning's self-operated LCD and Samsung Corning precision materials. Corning expects that the self-operated LCD glass production will be flat or slightly lower than Q3, but Samsung Corning Precision The output of material glass will increase by more than 20% in the quarter, mainly due to the increase in the utilization rate of the panel factory and the increase in market share.

Corning Q3 revenue of 2.1 billion US dollars, compared with Q2 growth of 3%, gross margin of 47%, Corning said that the increase in gross profit margin is partly due to the contribution of the display technology business group and special materials business group, which shows the technology industry group revenue season Growth of 7%, annual growth rate of 26%, plus Q3 price decline in line with expectations, in addition, shows that the technology business group also benefited from the strong performance of the Japanese currency exchange rate.

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