[High-tech LED News] Dongshan Precision (002384) announced today that the LED TV backlight produced by the company has entered mass production. In addition, the first batch of LED TV backlight module orders from TCL Ace Electric Appliances has been obtained (more than 100,000 sets), the order amount is more than RMB 35 million, and the product orders are delivered before mid-December 2011.

It is worth noting that the company did not announce when it received the order and issued an announcement when the order was about to be completed.

It is understood that the company established a wholly-owned Shenzhen subsidiary in June last year to implement the LCD module metal backplane project, and another 80 million yuan to establish a joint venture with Taiwanese natural person Shen Yuqiang, the company's share of the company's share of 30%. Through cooperation with Shen Mingdong and his nephew Shen Yurong, he obtained a direct-type rear-projection LCD TV technology made of LED.

The downstream industries of the company's investment projects are LED lighting, LED LCD TV backlights and supporting LCD module metal backplanes. In March 2011, the company invested 12 million yuan to set up Suzhou Dongkui Lighting Co., Ltd., accounting for 60% of the shares. The company is currently mainly engaged in the production of 3W LED bulbs, and the sales price of each lamp is about ten yuan.

Dongshan Precision said that it has accumulated a large amount of technology, management, talents and market experience in the LED backlight field, and has made major breakthroughs in low-cost, low-power LED backlight technology. The LED TV backlight produced by the company has been recognized by customers, and the performance indicators are qualified by the customer's product line.

1.The strong technology group as well as the advanced equipment;
2.More than 40 years casting experience;
3.The Products have got good comments in the world market;
4.OEM service and special design service be accepted;
5.ISO9001-2008 Certified.

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