[High-tech LED News] The cross-strait industrial forum has just ended. According to Taiwan, the cross-strait LED lighting industry has selected Xiamen as one of the pilot cities, and selected the Xiamen Lighting Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone LED lighting interoperability application project to deepen cooperation. Expert technical committees are expected to be established before the end of the year to create common standards.

The president of Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association said that the key area of ​​cooperation is in the streetlights. Now, there are 1000 street lamps in Xiang'an through the cooperation of the two sides of the LED industry. Cross-strait LED cooperation is mainly complementary in the industrial chain.

The president pointed out that Taiwan has a solid LED base and obvious advantages. Xiamen is a city that involves this industry earlier in the country. The industrial chain is relatively sound, so there is a basis for cooperation. Coupled with the preferential policies and geographical advantages of cross-strait cooperation, cooperation has progressed rapidly. At present, there are 10 companies involved in the first phase of cooperation.

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