[High-tech LED News] On the afternoon of November 3, "Jiangmen Industrial Development Research Institute", "Jiangmen Semiconductor Green Light Source (LED) Research Institute" and "Jiangmen Industrial Design Center Unveiling Ceremony" were held at Wuyi University The conference center is held.

Among them, "Jiangmen Semiconductor Green Light Source (LED) Research Institute" has one LED testing center, one LED information center, one LED training center and four research institutes.

The LED testing center (additional LED industry standard research room) will be built into the core of the industry's core, complete detection section with independent detection capabilities, with scientific research and high-end experimental functions; LED information center will be done from the level of Jiangmen City industrial area Good LED-related information services and the construction of e-commerce platforms, regularly release relevant technologies, standards, patents, training and other information about the LED industry; LED training centers will be divided into undergraduate, graduate and engineering masters according to the level of training and training of professional talents. Three levels of enterprise personnel training for the training and training of LED talents; four research institutes are LED luminescence materials research institute, LED chip and packaging research institute, LED optical and thermal design research institute, LED drive power and control research institute .

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