The rapid development of commercialization of LED lighting is expected to increase the market demand for white LED phosphors. Under the continuous research and development of phosphors, the three mainstream white LED phosphors that have been developed will be expected to respond. Different applications meet the diversity and stringency requirements of performance.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have the advantages of low heat generation, low power consumption, long life, fast response, and small size. At present, the global white LED lighting industry continues to flourish, especially in the backlight of mobile phone panels, lighting and the automotive industry. Applications have more potential. In recent years, many panel manufacturers at home and abroad have introduced white LEDs as backlights for notebook LCDs, replacing traditional cold cathode fluorescent tubes using mercury. From the perspective of solving environmental protection and energy issues, incandescent bulbs have always had low energy efficiency and heat generation. As for mercury-containing fluorescent lamps, there is a disadvantage of mercury pollution. For this reason, LED lighting will undoubtedly become the goal of global lighting manufacturers. Although there are still many problems in the use of white LEDs for Minsheng Lighting, it is expected that in the foreseeable future, under the gradual reduction of manufacturing costs and the development of lighting applications, white LEDs are expected to become highly promising lighting products in the next 10 years.

Since 1993 , Nichia Corporation of Japan has successfully developed the world's first commercially commercial blue and violet LEDs based on InGaN, and has accelerated the arrival of white LEDs as a lighting generation. In 1996, Nichia also published single-grain white LEDs of InGaN/Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ (YAG:Ce) phosphors. Since then, the global competition for the development of white LED related technologies has been vigorously launched.

At present, the white LED production technology on the market is mainly divided into two major mainstreams. The first is to use the phosphor to convert the blue or ultraviolet light generated by the blue LED or the ultraviolet UV-LED into two-dimensional (Dichromatic) or three-wavelength (Trichromatic) white light. This technology is called Phosphor Converted-LED; the second type is multi-chip white LED, which combines two (or more) LEDs of different color to form white light. White LED products are most commonly used in blue LED chips with yellow phosphors. They are mainly used in automotive lighting and mobile phone panels. In the current market analysis of white LED products , phosphor-converted white LEDs can be described as mainstream.

Figure 1 summarizes and compares the principles and advantages and disadvantages of various white LEDs. Among them, (a) is the best in structure and color rendering, but the cost is the highest and has not been popularized. The construction method (b) has technology. The most mature and low-cost advantage, but the color shift, color rendering is not good, must be improved with appropriate red and yellow phosphors, in addition, the most serious is the Japanese patent restrictions are difficult to circumvent; and the construction method (c) The white LEDs produced by (d) both have good color rendering, small color, low cost and less serious patent limitations, so the future has great potential for development.

Figure 1 Principle and advantages and disadvantages of using white light to produce white light

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